MPI Programming Basics

Embracing the current development in educational technologies, the IT Center of the RWTH Aachen University (former Center for Computing and Communication) makes available online the audio recordings of most tutorials delivered during this year’s PPCES seminar. Participation in PPCES is for free and course materials are available online, but this is the first time when proper audio recordings were taken.

All videos (presentation slides + audio) are available on the PPCES YouTube channel under Creative Commons Attribution license. Course materials are available in the PPCES 2014 archive under unclear (read: do not steal blatantly) license.

My own contribution to PPCES - as usual - consists of:

  • Message passing with MPI, part 1: Basic concepts and point-to-point communication

  • Message passing with MPI, part 2: Collective operations and often-used patterns

  • Tracing and profiling MPI applications with VampirTrace and Vampir

Big thanks to all the people who made recording and publishing the sessions possible.

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